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Bartender's Choice...Orchard Old Fashioned

A re-imagining of one the oldest cocktails ever envisaged…

Copper House Bar – Orchard Old Fashioned

What is it?

The simple perfection of whisky, sugar & bitters reformulated with the elegant, floral Glenmorangie from the heart of Speyside and Normandy’s infamous Calvados cider spirit. Once blended, the vibrant vanilla & spice lifts the rich buttery apple. Slowly mixing with robust maple syrup leads to sweetness and depth. Finally seasoning with old fashioned bitters brings the flavours together with a savoury full stop.

When should it be drunk?

Whenever the mood takes you! But make sure you have time explore all the flavour and nuance. It really is the perfect way to wind down…

What should you be listening to?

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay by Otis Redding

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